Buy a Lister Liberty and get a FREE Clipper Suit

7 September 2017  |  Beth

Buy a Lister Liberty Popular Pack, Yard Pack or Field Pack and get a FREE Clipper Suit!


Clipping is a messy business and for anyone with allergy sufferers at home, it is a time consuming business to brush off all the hair and dust from your clothes.  A clipper suit makes life so much easier - simply pull on the overalls and you're away. once you have finished you can take them off and leave them and all the mess and hair at the yard!  

The clipper suit is technically a disposable suit - made of a heavy and thick paper-like material.  However, mine have been going for 2 years and will be used again this year!


They come in 3 sizes, but the small is VERY small.

Small: for people under 5'2"

Medium: for people between 5'2" and 5'9"

Large: for people 5'10" and above.

We include the medium suit as standard in the offer, but are happy to switch to small or large if you let us know.


The Lister Liberty is one of my favourite clippers.  It is very comfortable to hold and extremely reliable.  It can handle almost any type of hair.  It has the flexibility of running from either the mains, a battery or a 12 volt battery.  It is quiet, with low vibrations. Lister holds the Royal Warrant and their quality clippers are renowned worldwide.

* Slim light weight handle 800g not including cable,
* Powerful and tough clipper that can cope with the needs of the most demanding user
* Safe 12 volt operation for peace of mind
* Simple easy to set up and use, with very easy tensioning


Power Pack: Uses new technology Nickel Metal Hydride Battery Power pack. No memory effect when charging so can be topped up with charge or fully discharged.
Battery will give up to 3 hours clipping.  Recharge time from empty 13 hours.

If you have any questions about clippers, please don't hesitate to give us a call.  We are a family run business and enjoy helping people select the right clipper for their needs.


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