Liveryman Element and Classic Trimmers - on SALE

27 August 2018  |  Admin

Liveryman is a well respected clipper and trimmer brand, based in Ireland.  They have both powerful full size clippers suitable for horses and cattle, and also smaller trimmers for those tricky places to reach and for around an animal's sensitive areas.  Trimmers are typically less powerful, with less vibration, less noise and less heat.  If you have a nervous animals, it is good to start getting them comfortable with trimmers, before moving on to louder and more intimidating clippers.


Liveryman Element:  ON SALE!  This trimmer has been around for a very long time.  It is cordless, with low vibration and very little heat.  It is easy to use, charges quickly and has no gimmicks.  You cannot sharpen the blade, and it will need to be replaced when it has gone blunt.  Replacement blades cost £19.99.  This trimmer gives a close trim, but extra length can be achieved by using the attachment combs that come with the clipper.  These combs allow you to cut hair from between 3mm and 12mm.  This year, the Element has had a drop in price making it a tempting option for anyone needing a good basic trimmer.  On Sale:  Only £59.99 (was £89.99)

Liveryman Classic:  This is the newer trimmer for Liveryman, and is a step up from the Classic.  It is ergonomically designed, it is very quiet and the length of the blade can be changed with the slide of a lever.  It is a cordless trimmer, with a lithium battery that will clip for approximately 3.5 hours on a 2.5 hour charge.  It also comes with comb attachments to allow you to achieve different cut lengths, over and above the adjustable lengths offer by the blade. I love using this trimmer.  On Sale:  Only £89.99 (was £99.99)

Bruno:  This trimmer is very powerful (more powerful than the Element or the Classic) and works well with dogs and horses.  It can run from the mains and also from the same lithium battery (sold separately) as the Black Beauty clipper, so is a good option for anybody who already has a Black Beauty.  This trimmer is powerful enough to be considered a small clipper and with a wide blade, can manage to clip a horse with an easy coat (nothing coarse or too hair) making it an excellent option for nervous horses who benefit from a quiet machine with low vibrations.  It has 2 speeds, which sets it apart from most other trimmers, and it takes standard A5 snap on blades.   £142.99

If you have any questions about Liveryman clippers or trimmers, please don't hesitate to ask.  We are always happy to help.  01323 406212




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