Liveryman Harmony Plus

3 April 2017  |  Admin

Liveryman Harmony Plus horse clipper – brushless motor



The Liveryman Harmony Plus is differentiated because it has a brushless motor.  The brushless motor means that there are less moving parts, less heat and friction…and therefore the clipper lasts 10 times longer than conventional clippers.  The blades don’t get hot, and it is quitter than traditional clippers too. The Liveryman Clippers are made by a reliable Irish company, who are known for their development of new technology and for constantly striving to create the best clippers on the market.

This cordless clipper can be used in any environment including stables, grooming clinic, farm or surgery.

So, if you are looking for a quiet and durable horse clipper or animal clipper, give the Harmony Plus some thought.  We think it’s great value for money and is a good option if you have a lighter coated horse you need to clip occasionally.  We do not, however, recommend this clipper for feathers or thick hair. It will take slightly longer to a clip a horse with this clipper, as compared to a full clipper like the Lister Liberty or the Lister Star.

The Harmony Plus is the new version of the original Harmony Clipper.  Although the original Harmony clipper is still sold, we recommend the Harmony Plus due to its new brushless motor technology.

Harmony Plus Standard: £195

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