Electric Fencing for Dogs - keep your pets safe

17 March 2021  |  Admin

Electric Fencing Systems To Keep Dogs Safe


Electric fencing is a great way to keep your dogs safe.  It's very economical, when compared to traditional fencing.  It's also easy to set up and move around (you can do it in half an hour or less), so you can use it for holidays, or for training a young dog.  


There are 2 types of electric fencing for dogs.

1) A special collar that gives the dog a small shock when it approaches a designated boundary.  This type of fence is 'invisible' so it doesn't impact the look of your garden or change it's use for anyone else.  It's also really easy to use once set up.  However, it does require some work to set up this system, and is not as easy to move once set up.  The dog also needs to wear the special collar.  You can also use a remote controller on the collar when you are out walking, to give your dog a small shock if he does something that you don't like - so it's a great training tool.  The best brand is Pac Dog.  Kits start from £170.99 and more details can be seen here https://www.farmcareuk.com/dog-fencing.html

2) A traditional electric fence is perhaps the most popular type of fencing for dogs.  They are really quick and easy to set up and you can easily move the fence (think of holidays, camping, changing the set-up of your garden, or getting rid of it all together once the dog is trained). The electric fence is safe for animals and people (including children) and can also be easily turned on and off, as required.  Traditional electric fences can be run from battery operated energisers or from a mains operated energiser.

Here's a great traditional electric fence kit, that runs from the mains, for dogs.  It costs £115.00 https://www.farmcareuk.com/electric-fence-for-cats-and-dogs-and-other-small-pets-ideal-for-gardens.html

As this kit is our most popular kit, we've also put the full details for this kit below.  It not only works for dogs, but also for cats and other small pets.  

If you have any questions about electric fencing solutions for your pets, please don't hesitate to email sales@farmcareuk.com.  We are a family run business and we are happy to help.  


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Traditional Gallagher Electric Fence Kit for Dogs and Cats and Other Small Pets


An ideal set for keeping pets in the right part of your own garden or for keeping your neighbours’ pets out! The M35 is a compact, but powerful mains energizer. The fencing posts are 80 cm tall.  The fence is easy to set up (read the manual, then give yourself an hour to set-it up).  It's also easy to move, so you can take it on holiday or move it around the garden if required.  Electric fencing is safe for pets and children - it just gives an unpleasant zap to warn them to stay away.  Most animals will get zapped once, then learn to respect the fence!

This kit will allow you to create a 500 metre fence with 2 lines of wire, or a 33 metre fence with 3 lines of wire.  You can add more Electric Pet Wire and more Pet Posts and Pet Post Clips if you'd like to make your fence longer.  The maximum length of fence is 500m.  If you want a longer fence, you will need a more powerful energiser.  The Electric Pet Wire comes in rolls of 100m.  Depending on your animal, you may need a 2 or 3 line fence (their size and desire to penetrate the fenced off area will determine the number of lines).  You can also add lines to make a 4 or 5 line fence!

The energiser runs from Mains power.  If the plug is a long way from the fence, you may need to add high voltage lead out wire to get from the energiser (which is plugged in at the mains) to your fence.  The energiser is not expensive to run - typically less than a standard light bulb.  You can turn it on and off, as required.

If you are new to electric fencing, have a look at the video below to see how it is set-up.  It is really easy!

You may also wish to buy a fence tester, to check your fence works.

This kit contains the following:
- M35 (energizer)
- 100 m plastic wire
- 4 wire connectors
- 10 (black) fencing posts of 80 cm
- 40 wire clips
- 8 screw insulators
- 1 connection set
- 1 earth peg
- 1 warning sign (incl. fixing material)
- 1 assembly set
- A manual

We say:  This is a great and easy way to protect your pet, garden or veg patch.  It's easy to install and easy to move.  A great and cost effective solution for pets in the garden!


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