Heiniger Saphir Horse Clipper - perfect for nervous horses

20 February 2021  |  Admin

The Heiniger Saphir Horse - our choice for nervous horses and complete beginners 2021


The Heiniger Saphir Horse, made in Switzerland, is one of the bets kept secrets of easy clipping!   It is a cordless clipper and trimmer, that is incredibly quiet and has really low vibrations.  What's more, it has pre-tensioned blades that just clip on - so you don't need to worry about tensioing.  It comes with a wide blade, so you can clip the whole horse.  You can add a narrow blade, and then you can also use it as a trimmer, to get to all the tricky spots.  It takes the widely available A5 snap on blade types, which means you can also clip your dog, if you have one, with these trimmers!  The A5 snap on blade are less expensive than the blades you need to tension on the larger horse clippers.  The A5 snap on blades can be sharpened, although I recommend only going to the very best places to get them sharpened (Heiniger runs a great service).

The Heiniger Saphir Horse has enough power to clip any horse, although if your horse has a really tough coat, you might find the Heiniger Xplorer a better option.  But even if your nervous horse has a really tricky coat (think Shetlands, or cushings disease), if you are willing to go slowly and not force the clipper, the Heiniger Horse will easily manage to clip your horse.

The Heiniger Saphir will clip for 2 hours on a full charge.  It comes with 2 rechargeable batteries and a charging base.  It also comes with a wide, fine blade and a sturdy case.  It has a 2 year warranty.



  • Amazingly quiet
  • Low vibrations
  • Light and easy to hold
  • Cordless - freedom
  • Clips for 2 hours on a full charge
  • No need to tension blades
  • Cheaper blades than standard full size horse clipper blades
  • A clipper and trimmer all in one
  • Wide selection of blades - can trim dogs and other animals too
  • Heiniger quality (a favourite with vets and professionals)



  • You have to be select about who will sharpen your blades
  • If you have a horse with a VERY tough coat, you will need to go slow and steady
  • The wide blade is very slightly narrower than a traditional full size clipper - this means you may have to do a couple of extra strokes if doing a full clip


If I had weak hands, was nervous about tensioning blades (or just didn't want the faff of tensioning blades) or if I had a nervous or young horse, this would be my clipper of choice.  It's just so easy!  And although the price point of £299 seems higher than some other Start clippers (like the Lister Star or the Heiniger Progress), this is a 2-in-1 machine, giving you both a clipper and a trimmer.  I also think it is more robust than either the Heiniger Progress or the Lister Star (although they are both excellent choices for beginners and are an amazing price point).


If you have any questions about the Heiniger Saphir Horse Clipper and Trimmer, please emails sales@farmcareuk.com  We are happy to help.

If you'd like to buy a Saphir Horse Clipper, click here:  https://www.farmcareuk.com/new-heiniger-saphir-horse-clipper-ideal-for-those-new-to-clipping.html


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