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5 June 2017  |  Beth

Lister Star Only £199.99 plus free hold-all upgrade!

The Lister Star is a fantastic starter horse clipper for anyone with between 1 and 3 horses, and it is especially good if you have small hands!  It is light, easy to hold and very good value.  It comes in a variety of colours, including a National Trust green, purple, blue and red.  It takes all the standard Lister blades, including the very popular Covercote blade that is only made by Lister.  The A2F fine blade is the standard bale with all Lister horse clippers.

The Lister Star is a Mains clipper.  There is no option to add a battery or vehicle leads.

Specifications :
Weight: 800g (inc blades)
Length: 250mm
Grip Diameter: 57mm
Blade Speed: 2800rpm
Voltage: 240v
Wattage: 45w

The Lister Star is made in the UK. Lister holds the Royal Warrant and the Queen uses Lister clippers on her horses.

This is a very limited time offer. Not only is the Star at an amazing price, but it also comes with a free upgrade to the Lister hold-all bag.  The hold-all makes it far easier to carry all of your clipping and trimming kit, and saves having to carefully coil up the clipper to go back in the plastic box which is usually supplied with the Lister clipper.  A 50ml oil and a small brush are also included.  Please note that a 60ml oil will last approximately one clip.  It is important to use plenty of oil as you clip, to reduce friction and for the maintenance of your clipper.

We also recommend having a second set of blades - there is nothing more annoying than hitting a bit of grit or sand when clipping and having to stop with a half clipped horse!

If you have more than 3 horses, of it you would like a cordless clipper, you may wish to consider the Lister Liberty horse clipper.  This is one of the most flexible horse clippers on the market - it can run from the mains, from a battery, or from a car battery.  It is ideal for anyone looking for a medium duty horse clipper and has a little more power than the Lister Star.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to give us a call.  We are always happy to help.

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