Lister Star Clippers In Stock!

17 March 2021  |  Admin

Great News - Lister Star Horse Clippers Back In Stock!

And we're offering a FREE extra blade, FREE 250ml oil and a FREE Pico trimmer - plus a great hold-all Lister bag.

All for only £209.99


The Lister Star is a great mains horse clipper for horses of all coats.  It's light, quiet and easy to use - ideal for anyone with around 3 horses to clip.  It takes the full range of high quality Lister blades, including the unique and popular Covercote blade that clips to 5mm (great for events).


For more details or to order your Lister Star Horse Clipper, while stocks last, please click here:

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Lister Purple Lister Star


Special Offer:  This clipper comes with an upgrade to the Lister Hold-all rather than a plastic box.  
The hold-all is far more convenient for storing all your clipping supplies and is usually £18.99.

 + FREE Lister Pico trimmer + FREE 250ml Oil.

+ FREE 2nd set of Fine Blades

(Usually worth £315.00 +)




The Lister Star is medium duty, mains operated clipper engineered for high performance and trouble free clipping. 

This advanced motor design (permanent magnet type) is easy to maintain and ensures constant working speed even in the thickest of coats.  Its replaceable filter gives efficient ventilation and cooling, and the enclosed gearbox ensures low maintenance and longer life.

The slim casing fits comfortably in to the smallest of hands, and this clipper's light weight means this is a favourite for ladies and teenagers. Ideal for small hands and nervous horses.  This clipper is quiet and has low vibrations.

The Star takes all the standard Lister blades, including the popular Lister Covercote blade (unique to Lister) that clips to a popular 5mm length.  

Designed and manufactured in Britain.  Lister holds the Royal Warrant and is known for their excellent quality.

Specifications :
Weight: 800g (inc blades)
Length: 250mm
Grip Diameter: 57mm
Blade Speed: 2800rpm
Voltage: 240v
Wattage: 45w

2 Year Warranty



  • 1 x Lister Clipper (with 60ml oil, screwdriver and brush)
  • Your choice of blades.  The A2F blade clips to 1.4mm of length and is the standard blade that comes with all Lister clippers.  Or, you can select the Medium blades (clips to 2.4mm) of the Coarse blades (clips to 2.4mm but has less teeth and is used for tougher coats).  We also offer the popular Covercote blade, if preferred, that clips to 5mm and is popular for those showing their horses.  The option to have 2 sets of blades is fantastic - in case your blade goes blunt mid clip - never a good look!
  • Brush
  • FREE Lister hold-all - great quality bag with lots of pockets for your grooming kit, or large enough to carry your hat.  It may be in green, or it may be in pink and blue (Lister change the colour of the bag from time to time).
  • FREE Lister Pico trimmer (ideal for a quick tidy up around the horse's face and also good for training nervous horses)
  • FREE 250ml Lister Oil



Please note:

Please select your blade from the drop down menu.

All options come with the FREE hold-all and FREE Lister Pico Trimmer and FREE 250ml oil.


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