New Lister Fusion Heavy Duty Horse Clipper

10 July 2019  |  Admin

The Lister Fusion heavy duty horse clipper is finally here!


It has taken Lister Shearing years to develop and fully market test their new heavy duty horse clipper.  But is it worth the wait?  


The Fusion takes over from Lister's popular Laser 2 horse clipper, which they stopped producing in 2018.  The Fusion is aimed at professionals, those with multiple horses to clip and those with very tough coats to manage.  It certainly has more than enough power for any coat with a 360W fully serviceable motor and will match or out perform any other heavy duty clipper in the market.  The variable speed gives you more control when trying to get through particularly tough sections, or awkward angles, with the clipper running at either 2500rpm or 2900rpm.  Despite its power, the clipper is relatively small to hold when compared to other heavy duty machines, weighing only 1.1kg and having a slightly narrow barrel - this again gives you just a little more control when clipping and stops your hand aching quite so much when clipping multiple horses.  So, in terms of being user friendly, we definitely found the Fusion to be a huge step forwards in the heavy duty clipper market.  You get way more control but still loads of power.

The engineering of the clipper also has some nice improvements.  It has a double fan and ventilation outlets to cool the machine - this is important because you may find yourself clipping faster and longer with this machine!  Lister has also used a sealed tension nut and done everything in their power to stop hair from entering the machine (unlike many other competitors in the market).  This means that the clipper should stay cooler, run more smoothly and need less servicing.  It still has a filter that will need replacing every couple of years (or more often if the clipper is used a lot) but this again is designed to keep the hair away from the workings of the clipper.  The Fusion is built to last and is not one of the 'disposable' clippers we see at the cheaper end of the market.

The Fusion still takes the full range of Lister blades, although make sure you have the metal yoke version if you are using the A2F or A2 blades (these also come with plastic yokes, for the smaller machines).  You can use the plastic yokes on the machine, but you'll find they won't last as long due to the power and speed of the clipping - the plastic yokes will eventually break.  The very popular Covercote blades, unique to Lister, that leave the coat approx 5mm long and are now commonly used for those showing their horses work with the Fusion.

In our opinion, the Fusion is a fantastic clipper.  Frankly, even if you only have a couple of horses, the Fusion is worth considering if you are investing in a clipper.  The power and control  it offers, and the ability to fix and replace all the parts makes it a very appealing option.  It is slightly more expensive than the Legend or the Star, but you are getting a more robust clipper which will certainly last longer than starter clippers like the Star or the Progress.  In the past, the heavy duty clippers have been so much larger and heavier and harder to control, they have really been reserved for the more experienced horse clipper - but the Fusion has changed that.  Unless you have tiny or very weak hands, you should be able to happily clip with the Fusion and get a very professional result.  As for the colours - you have an option of a nice bright red or blue.

If you have any questions, please give us a call.  We are based in Sussex, ship all over the country and are always happy to help!  01323 406212

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Comes as a kit with:

  • Lister Fusion Machine

  • A2F Fine blade, leaves 1.4mm of hair (we are happy to switch blades to  Medium or Coarse blades at no extra charge.  Switching to the Covercote will cost an extra £13)

  • 60ml Oil

  • Packet of grease

  • Lister screwdriver

  • Protective carry case
  • 1 year warranty
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