SALE - All in one sheep shearing kits - for those setting up

15 February 2024  |  Beth

SALE - All in one sheep shearing kits - for those setting up

It's almost time...the grass is growing, the daffodils are out...

If you have sheep and need a kit to shear, dag, crutch or take the bellies off, we ahve a couple of excellent options for those setting up.

By far the easiest option for those with a flock of sheep is the Lister Nova Kit - one of the best selling shear kits in Europe.  This has a proper single-speed, double-insulated shearing machine (the Nova), that is light and easy to hang.  It comes with the Lister Outback twin-bearing handpiece and a cutter and 2 combs - all selected to be able to manage all jobs on British sheep.  It can run from the mains or from a portable generator (generator not included).  It also comes with a shearing vest, some oil and a scraper.  It is all made here in the UK and comes with a 1 year warranty.  All you need to add is the sheep!  The pack is currently on sale at £998 (including VAT) but will soon have to go up to the 2024 price - so get it while you can!

To get your Lister Nova Complete Kit - on sale - CLICK HERE


If you have a very small flock of sheep, then you can use a mains operated machine and the Lister Fusion is a really easy option.  It has 2 speeds, and takes proper shearing cutter and combs.   It also works well for cattle and if you have a horse, you can also get a 'horse head' attachment and use it to clop your horse too.  This is a good option for a small holder, with a range of animals on a smaller scale.

Look at the Lister Fusion HERE - from only £330 (including VAT)


The Heiniger Xtra is another good mains operated shear.  As is the Heiniger Xpert and the Heiniger 12 volt (which runs from guessed it...12 volt battery!).  These are all good options for small flocks of sheep and all take the same type of shearing blade (Lister and Heiniger shearing blades are interchangeable).  The Xpert has 2 speeds and is slightly more ergonomically designed and therefore slightly more comfortable to use.  The Xtra has a bit more power.  They are, in truth, fairly similar machines.  The Heiniger handheld machines are made in Switzerland and have an impressive 3 year warranty.

Look at the Heiniger handheld shears HERE - from £382 (including VAT)


For cutters and combs there is a huge amount of advice and selection.  The truth is for the vast majority of jobs, the Countryman Packs offer nice easy, safe cutters and combs suitable for all the usual jobs for sheep here in the UK.  They are also easier to use due to their 'flat shape' meaning you won't nick skin as easily in awkward areas.  If you want 'faster' blades and are more experienced (for example, shearing hundreds of sheep in a day), you can look at something with more of a bevel and helpful for speed and super thick wool (pros shearing incredibly thick and dense wool in New Zealand may use a 7mm bevel) - but otherwise, something like the Cavalier comb with a medium bevel of 5mm is a good option here in the UK.  All Heiniger and Lister combs are interchangeable and all have 13 teeth.  There are some cheaper cutters and combs made in Asia, sometimes with fewer teeth, but the steel tends not to be of the same quality and the consistency of the blade is not reliable.  If you are struggling to get your 13 tooth comb through the fleece it is probably because you are shearing slightly too early (for fear of fly strike?) and the sheep has not yet released enough oil - try again a week or so later and you will likely find it easier (and of course check your cutter and comb are sharp).


The above are all excellent options for those newish to shearing - from excellent brands.  There are more powerful and more expensive shearing machines available, but these are more for pro shearers getting through multiple flocks and hundreds of sheep everyday.  We have the full range of Heiniger and Lister machines, ad can provide more advice if you email  We will meet or beat any price that is in stock here in the UK - we're a small family run business and love to offer competitive prices -  so do email us!


To order your sheep shear, CLICK HERE


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email  We are a family run business and we are happy to help, with lots of sheep shearing experience and advice that we can draw from.




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