Classic Birth Alarm For Rent - no need for mobile signal.  Easy to use!  Also alerts for Colic.

Classic Birth Alarm For Rent - no need for mobile signal. Easy to use! Also alerts for Colic.

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Classic Foal Birth Alarm - for Rent - let's you know when your horse is in labour or suffering from Colic

The Classic Foal Birth Alarm is very simple to use.  Simply attach it to your mare's anti-roll girth (not included).  It detects the unique movement mare's make when having contractions.  It will then send an alarm to your transmitter, allowing you to have a good night's sleep. The Classic model does not need a mobile phone or SIM card.  It has a maximum range of 500 metres.  It is ideal for anyone with a horse close to home, whom they wish to monitor. 


The alarm is non invasive and very comfortable for your mare.  It has been in use since 1997 and is very reliable and respected.


The owner of a pregnant mare wants to attend the birth of the foal under all circumstances. The birth usually takes place at night, but it is always difficult to guess when it will happen exactly. That makes it even more important that you are warned on time.

When the birth starts, a mare will lie completely on her flanks, because this position makes it easier to deal with the contractions. After exactly 7.6 seconds in a sideways position, the Birth Alarm comes into action. It provides an alert and makes sure you will always be there for the birth of the foal.

The Birth Alarm Classic consists of one transmitter and a fixed receiver. A fixed receiver guarantees high reliability because you do not depend on the battery level of your phone. This foal-birth alert has a reach of 500 metres and can be expanded with an analogue mobile-phone dialler (an extra £300).

Around 15% of pregnant mares sleep fully on their flanks and are an exception to the rule. For those mares, the Birth Alarm Classic has a special function – the sleeping position. It ensures that the start of a birth is detected in every situation.

You can also use the Birth Alarm Classic as a warning device to monitor the condition of your horse. When your horse or pony has a serious colic and stays more than 3 seconds in a critical sideways position during a cramp attack, the alarm of the receiver goes off automatically. It ensures you are always warned in case of danger to the health of your horse!


The benefits of a Birth Alarm Classic:

✓ High reliability with a fixed receiver
✓ Attached to the anti-roll girth
✓ Has a sleeping position
✓ Can be expanded with a mobile-phone dialler (029235)
✓ Option to add extra transmitters (without transmitter monitoring)
✓ Includes monitoring position


Suitable for 1 horse at a time.  This alarm can be used many times.

The terms for rental are as follows:

  • £50 rental charge per week, up to a maximum of £250 (so if you need if for 6 weeks, you will only be charged £250). Rental period goes from the day you receive the alarm, to the day we receive the alarm back. 
  • Must be returned to us within 2 months, or you will own the alarm! You are responsible for returning the alarm.
  • Must be returned in good, clean working order.  If the alarm is not cleaned there will be a cleaning fee of £30.
  • There is a £699.99 deposit.  Rental fee will be taken from the deposit.  Funds will be returned to your account within 5 working days of receiving the alarm back in good working order. You may choose to keep the alarm, if you wish and will then not receive a refund.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us:  We are a family run business and we are happy to help.

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