Deluxe Solar Powered Poultry Fencing Kit - everything you need

Deluxe Solar Powered Poultry Fencing Kit - everything you need

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Brand:  Hotline

Solar Powered Poultry Kit


This Solar powered Poultry Kit has everything you need.  You can set it up anywhere in your garden, so long as the energiser is in a sunny spot.  You can easily turn off the fence at any point, and even if it is on it will not harm children or pets.


This Kits comes with a Hotline Fire Drake solar energiser, that has a 5 year warranty and is made here in the UK.  This is an 'all-in-one' unit that houses a re-chargeable battery, a solar panel to charge the battery and the energiser to send the correct electrical pulse around the fence.  It is a neat looking unit, that sits on its earth stake and easily clips to your poultry net.  It can be very easily moved around, as required.  In the UK, during the darkest winter months, you may need to give the energiser a couple of boosts from the mains during the day (the leads to do this are included).  The 25m kit comes with a FireDrake 34 and the 50m kit comes with the more powerful FireDrake 67.

You have an option of a 25m green net, or a 50m green net.

This will give you everything you need to set up a quick and easy enclosure that can be moved, as required, and will keep your poultry safe.  


  • FireDrake 35 or FireDrake 67 Solar Energiser (an all-in-one unit with a re-chargeable battery, solar panel and energiser)
  • T-earth stake / stand for your energiser
  • 25m or 50m poultry net

Optional Extras:

You may also wish to add a Hot Gate for easy access to your enclosure (although you can just open and shut the net) and a fence tester for any trouble shooting. 

If you want a really easy life, the Chicken Guard automatic door opener opens and closes your chicken coop for you at set times.  No more early mornings, or worrying about getting back after dark!


We Say:  We keep poultry and we have foxes around, so we understand the importance of keeping your hens safe, while making life as easy as possible!  If you have the budget, we highly recommend this kit, ideally with the Hot Gate and the tester.  It's the easiest option to set up, it is environmentally friendly and your hens are safe!

Watch our very short video about the FireDrake energisers to find out more

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