Extra Tall 25 Metre Electric Poultry Net in Green - keep your hens safe

Extra Tall 25 Metre Electric Poultry Net in Green - keep your hens safe

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Electric Poultry Netting GREEN - keep your hens safe


Extra Tall Poultry netting - 145cm high - Extra Safe

Now with Double Spiked Posts

* 50 meters green net
* 14 lines
* 9 Twin Pronged Posts
* 145cm high - the highest on the market

Ideal for free range Poultry extra close mesh construction

Electric Poultry netting is ideal for containing all types of poultry (including ducks, geese, turkeys etc.) and keeping Predators out (i.e. foxes, dogs, cats, badgers and mink). It is easy to move around so birds can be given new pasture, which reduces the problems of worming and gives pastures time to recover.

Lightweight and portable containing 14 electroplastic twines, 13 of which are electrifiable horizontals within an extra close mesh construction.

Can be used with poultry from about 6 weeks up. The holes in the net are designed to be able to keep the smallest breeds safely in.





Diagram shows configuration of strands

We Say:  This netting is too high for foxes to scale.  Technically, the traditional 110cm netting should keep foxes away due to the shock they receive - but the really determined fox could get over the top of the netting. This Extra Tall net is too high for a fox to get over, so gives you extra peace of mind.

Please note:  This Extra Tall netting will take a week for delivery.


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