Fenceman CP450 12 Volt Electric Fence Kit - great for horses
 Fenceman CP450 12 Volt Electric Fence Kit - great for horsesFenceman CP450 12 Volt Electric Fence Kit - great for horses 

Fenceman CP450 12 Volt Electric Fence Kit - great for horses

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Fenceman CP450 12 Volt Electric Fence Kit


This electric fence is a great starter kit and lets you quickly create a powerful fence for your horse, or other suitable animals that need keeping in one space safely!

The kit includes:

  • Fenceman CP450 12 volt energiser (please note, 12 volt battery is not included)
  • Earth stake and leads
  • 20 x white 3 ft poly posts
  • 1 x 200 metre 13 mm white electric tape (option to add an extra roll of tape)
  • 2 x end strainers
  • 1 x warning sign

The Fenceman CP450 is a good quality 12 volt energiser that has a 3 year warranty and can power up to 3 km of fence.  It is powered by a 12 volt leisure battery (not included) or 4 x D cell batteries (included) which can power the energiser while the 12 volt battery is charging.  CP stands for 'Constant Power' because the D-cell batteries serve as a back-up for your 12 volt battery.  This energiser has 2 power settings, so you can train any cheeky animals on the high power setting, then reduce it to the lower power setting to conserve battery life.  The high power setting has 0.43 Joules and the low power has 0.2 Joules.


We Say:  If you want a good quality energiser and a quick and easy fence to install, this is a great option.  The power settings on the energiser help you train strong willed animals.  12 volt energisers are always a good powerful option, and having the back up of the D-cell batteries makes life even easier.  Or just add a solar panel to your 12 volt battery and let the sunshine doing the charging for you!



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