Gallagher M35 Energiser - for fences up to 2km - for small gardens and pets

Gallagher M35 Energiser - for fences up to 2km - for small gardens and pets

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Gallagher M35 Mains Energiser - up to 2km - for gardens and pets - 7 year guarantee

The Gallagher M35 is suitable for short fences of up to 2 km, although is really best suited to 1km or under. The energizer is easy to install and requires an earth stake (not included) and high voltage lead out wire (not included). The M35 is ideal to use when you wish to keep your pets in your own garden. Or to protect your garden from small animals from outside. The energiser has a built-in lightning conductor and a green LED that shows whether the energiser is on.

If you register your energiser on the Gallagher website you get a 7 year guarantee.

Technical Specs:
Maximum output voltage: 5400v
Charging energy: 0.35 Joules
Maximum impulse energy: 0.1 Joules
Number of earthing rods required: 1 x 0.5 m
No vegetation (km) (recommended): 2
Light vegetation (km) (recommended): 1
Dense vegetation (km) (recommended): 0.5
Fence surface (ha) (recommended): 1

We say:  This energiser is great if you have a very small area to fence - think gardens and pets.


If you are new to electric fencing, don't forget to get a fence tester so you can find any faults and check your fence.  

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