Heiniger Delta 3 Clipper - powerful 3 speed horse clipper

Heiniger Delta 3 Clipper - powerful 3 speed horse clipper

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Heiniger DELTA 3

Mains 240V

The Heavy Duty mains model from Heiniger, made for those with many animals to clip.

The Delta is a very powerful 3 speed clipper.  This clipper is quiet for its power and this combined with the control of the clipping speeds means it is ideally suited to clipping animals of a more sensitive nature.  It is a robust clipper, made in Switzerland and of excellent quality.  A great choice for professionals.

Powerful 180 watt motor with clipping speeds of 2100, 2800 and 3200 rpm.
Weight 1250 grams

Comes complete with 1 x Medium blades, carry case, oil, brush.  If you would like to switch blades, please email sales@farmcareuk.com and we will be happy to switch to Fine or Coarse blades.

Delta3 Instructons    as a PDF
Full 3 year warranty.

We Say: The clipper is designed for the demanding power user, professional clippers and large yards.  They are not suitable for children or adults with small hands.

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