Heiniger Xperience 2 Speed Horse and Cattle Clipper - with a FREE shampoo

Heiniger Xperience 2 Speed Horse and Cattle Clipper - with a FREE shampoo

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Part Number:  708.021.31Brand:  Heiniger

New Heiniger Xperience 2 Speed Horse and Cattle Clipper

Heiniger's new 2 speed high power horse clipper - for the professional

With a FREE shampoo

The new Heiniger Xperience 2 is an update on the incredibly popular Heinger Xperience.  The main difference is the choice of 2 speeds which allows the clipper to run at either 2600 double blade strokes per minute (dbs/m) or up to 2900 (dbs/m) at the top speed setting.  Despite this increase in speed, it is actually fractionally quieter than the Xperience 1 running at 68 decibels - which is amazing for such a powerful clipper.   

The Xperience 2 is a great option for professionals, for cattle and for those clipping horses with difficult coats.  It's a real workhorse (excuse the pun!) and the only clipper coming close to it in the market is the Lister Fusion.  The Xperience 2 is probably the quietest heavy duty clipper on the market, especially if run at the low speed option when clipping sensitive horses.  It is ergonomically designed, weighing only approximately 1,250kg - so it is possible to clip multiple horses.

The Xperience 2 takes all the usual Heiniger blades.  If you are clipping cattle, you can also add a shear head for any really dirty clipping.

Heiniger clippers are all made in Switzerland and are of excellent quality.  They come with a 3 year guarantee.

  • 200 Watt permanent magnet motor - powerful enough for most jobs
  • 2 speed options
  • Slimline lightweight body - easy to hold.  1,250 kg.
  • Solid and durable due to fibreglass reinforced body
  • Quiet running - less stress on the animal (68 decibels)
  • More torque on the blades than any other comparable machine
  • Worldwide unique connection between the body and the head
  • Now with a 3 year guarantee
  • Made in Switzerland - with top class engineering and materials

The handle is nice and slim and the main grip point at 15.2 cm (where the thumb and first finger sit).

Main part of the handle is 17cm around. The clipper is 29 cm long not including blades.

This is the quietest of all the heavy duty clippers and is, in fact, not a lot louder than a Progress clipper.

The air is blown over the blades to aid cooling and help to minimise hair being blown about.

Comes with:
Heiniger Experiance 2 clipper, Oil, Screw driver, instructions,

your choice of blades (select from drop-down menu).  


It is worth considering adding a second set of blades, in case one goes blunt mid clip or one set needs to be sent off for sharpening. 

If your horse has feathers, it may be worth getting a Coarse blade for the legs, and a Medium blade for the body.



The Xperience 2 has been out in Europe for some months now and has been incredibly well received.  The feedback so far is all positive. The clipper is substantially slimmer than most heavy duty machines and significantly quieter. Easy to tension (like all Heiniger clippers) and forgiving to use.  The new speed settings give extra control and allow the professional to select the speed that is right for each animals and each coat.  


If there is a down side the clipper is fairly long and this can be an irritation on small ponies. 

If you are needing a clipper to work hard, look no further than the Heinger Xperience 2.

Heiniger Xperience Clipper made by Heiniger

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