Heiniger Saphir - Black

Heiniger Saphir - Black

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Part Number:  707-301.70A1Brand:  Heiniger

​The Heiniger Cordless Saphir clipper - in black and with 1 battery

This is a the same popular and powerful Saphir clipper - but they call it the 'basic' clipper because it comes with just 1 battery, 1 No 10 blade and is black in colour (unlike some of the jazzier colours).

  • High quality, precision Swiss engineering.
  • Lightweight and perfectly balanced in the hand. Weighs only 440g.
  • Quiet and powerful with a 35W permanent magnet motor. 
  • High performance battery with the latest lithium ionic technology. 
  • More than 50 minutes clipping per charge but less than 45 minutes charging time. 
  • Solid, durable charger unit with a separate charger bay for the spare battery pack. 
  • Detachable blade system. Compatible with most A5 type snap on blades. 
  • Wide range of Heiniger blades available.
  • 2 year warranty

This clipper is primarily aimed at the showing, veterinary and dog grooming market, although it is becoming very popular for busy yards and professionals who need a reliable and powerful trimmer. It takes all snap-on blades like Oster, Andis and Wahl. Supplied with a number 10 blade and 1 battery.  The battery will clip for 45-60 minutes and recharges in 30-40 minutes. Operators have said that this is one the most powerful clipper of its type (rivalled only by the new Opal trimmer). It is top quality as you would expect from Heiniger and extremely easy and comfortable to use.

We Say:
This is a great option for anyone with just 1 or 2 animals they need to clip.  If you clip a lot it is worth paying just a little extra and getting the blue version which comes with 2 batteries!

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