Heiniger Saphir Corded Clipper

Heiniger Saphir Corded Clipper

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Heiniger Saphir Corded.

This is a mains corded version of the Saphir  in a striking new design and colour. Unlike some mains clippers the transformer is in the plug so the 3 metre cable is only carrying 7.2 volts and is a lot thinner than normal mains cords making the clipper easier to use.
 This version runs at a slightly higher speed than the battery versions being 3,200 dbs / min against 2,650 dbs / min.
Comes  with No.10 blade.

Now the clever bit, if you already have a Saphir Cordless this clipper can use the same battery.... the actual bodies of the clippers are virtually the same and can run from each others power source. So the corded can be cordless and the battery clipper can use the mains adapter.


This clipper takes the A5 snap on blades.  We recommend the Wahl No10 as a replacement blade.


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