Hotline Centaur 0.2j 9 volt energiser - On Sale - Bargain as over stocked

Hotline Centaur 0.2j 9 volt energiser - On Sale - Bargain as over stocked

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Bar Code:  47C200Part Number:  47C200Brand:  Hotline

ON SALE - Hotline Centaur

The Hotline Centaur Energiser is a light and portable 9v mid powered energiser, suitable for a range of applications.

  • Mid powered energiser with internally housed battery (not included)
  • Centaur 0.2j 9 volt internal battery input
  • On/Off switch
  • Low Battery/Pulse Indicator
  • 3yr Warranty

This energiser is made here in the UK, by Hotline in Devon.  It is a great option for anyone with horses with a standard size paddock and can power up to 2 km, depending on the conditions.  It is very easy to install and easy to move.  Because this unit is so light and compact even with the battery inside, it is ideal for taking to overnight shows where a quick temporary fence is required.

Includes wires to run to your fence but does not include an earth stake.

Batteries:  This energiser takes 9 volt batteries. These are not rechargeable.  A 90Ah battery will last approximately 3 months (depending on fence and usage) and the 150Ah battery will last for approximately 9 months.  


We Say:  This is just like the B12 Horizont energiser, but with an extra year's warranty!  It's a really popular style of energiser due to the price point and ease of use.  Perfect for horse paddocks.

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