HotLine Shrike Solar Kit - for a small fence - ideal for strip grazing
HotLine Shrike Solar Kit - for a small fence - ideal for strip grazingHotLine Shrike Solar Kit - for a small fence - ideal for strip grazingHotLine Shrike Solar Kit - for a small fence - ideal for strip grazing

HotLine Shrike Solar Kit - for a small fence - ideal for strip grazing

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Brand:  Horizont

HotLine Shrike Solar Kit - everything you need for a 100m double line fence

This kit is ideal for strip fencing or a small fence that is needed for the day.  The Hotline Shrike will be run by solar power during sunlight hours.  If it is not sunlight or if it is very dark, the Shrike will be run by back-up  D-cell batteries (not included). 

Kit includes:

  • Hotline Shrike
  • Hotline Shrike Solar Panel
  • Earth Stake/stand
  • 20 x 3ft posts (green or white)
  • 1 x roll of 20mm electric fence tape (green or white)
  • 1 x gate handle


More details about the Shrike - 5 year warranty - made in the UK:

The popular 3v Hotline Shrike electric fence energiser was updated in 2018 to make it even more versatile and reliable.  It can now run from 2 D-cell batteries or from a 12 volt battery.  If you opt to use a 12 volt battery, you can keep D-cell batteries within the housing and they will kick-in once your 12v battery drops below 3v.  What's more, there is also an optional solar assist panel (included in this kit) which will run the energiser during daylight hours, with your D-cell batteries or 12 volt battery taking over when it gets too dark.

If you're looking for an inexpensive but well made energiser for strip grazing - this may well be the energiser for you!   It can power up to 800m of electric fence. It runs off the solar panel during the day and 2 x D-Cell batteries (not included but readily available in supermarkets) should run your energiser for approximately 8 weeks, 24 hours a day with no sun at all. It can also run from a 12 volt battery (not included) which is a good option for rugged horses and Shetlands.  The Shrike energiser is ideal for strip grazing, small paddocks and for taking to events. Simply hang the energiser on the fence, attach to an earth stake of at least 0.5m and this neat little unit will power up to 0.8km of fencing at a voltage of around 580v.  It even comes with a 5 year warranty.

The Shrike has an on/off switch and a light to indicate that your fence is working.

Please note, this is a 3 volt energiser with 0.4 joules of stored energy.

Set up: hang the unit on a fence between two posts close together, or hang from a larger earth stake.



You may wish to add:

  • Fence tester (this is a very good idea if you do not already have one - it lets you check the voltage on your fence and trouble shoot if any problems arise)
  • Extra gate handle - if you want a 2 line gate
  • Warning sign - so people know your fence is electric
  • Extra tape and posts, if you want a longer fence
  • Tape to tape connectors, if you want to attach two pieces of tape (please don't tie knots as this will limit the efficacy of your fence)


We say:  This kit is great for a very cost effective, easy to use, environmentally friendly, temporary fence.  

Watch our short video about the Hotline Shrike for more details.

If you have any questions, we are happy to help.  Please email

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