Lister Fusion Sheep and Cattle Shear in Blue - NEW - ideal for those with a small flock

Lister Fusion Sheep and Cattle Shear in Blue - NEW - ideal for those with a small flock

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NEW - Lister Fusion Sheep and Cattle Shear - electric shear

Lister launched this high performance shear at the end of 2018.  It is a mains sheep and cattle shear, and replaces the Lister Laser 2.  It is ideal for small flocks of sheep, dagging and belly clipping.  It is also fantastic for cattle.  If you add the Fusion Horse Clipper Head, it can even clip horses.

It has a slim barrel and weighs only 1300g, making it an easy shear to operate.  It has a powerful 360 watt motor and 2 operation speeds - 2500rpm and 2900rpm and is engineered to cut through dense coats effortlessly. 

Lister holds the Royal Warrant and all their shears are manufactured in Devon, here in the UK.

  • 2 operations speeds; 2500rpm and 2900rpm
  • 360 watt motor
  • Slim barrel
  • Lightweight; only 1300g
  • Ergonoimically designed, with multi grip positions for different shearing jobs
  • 5 metre cable
  • 2 year warranty
  • Made in the UK

Comes as a kit with:

  • Lister Fusion Machine

  • Countryman 5 comb

  • Lister Claw cutter

  • Shearing Oil

  • Packet of grease

  • Lister screwdriver

  • Protective carry case

Farmer's Weekly Review of Lister Fusion Shear, August 2020:  “For everyday cattle work it seems unstoppable, it gets the job done.’’


With a test of 3 different sheep and cattle shears, the Fusion was Will Dawson's, of Stackpole Home Farm, stand-out favourite.

“This one is the business. It glides nicely through the coat which is good for getting the job done quickly,’’ he says.

“Very good overall. It gave a nice fine cut.’’


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email.  We are always happy to help.

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