Lister Nexus Sheep Shear - Flexi Drive

Lister Nexus Sheep Shear - Flexi Drive

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Nexus QR

The Nexus QR is the world's leading large sheep shear machine, ideal for beginners and experts because it makes shearing easier and faster.  The new Nexus Quick Release (QR) allows for fast attachment and release of the drive from the Nexus motor unit. This unit comes with the flexi-drive.


  • Optional drive speeds of 2800, 3200 and 3500rpm
  • Low 7 amps starting current means you can run it from a generator or from the mains
  • Available with QR solid or QR flexible drives
  • Available with Pin or Worm (spline) drive. Worm drive is standard. Please ask to switch to Pin drive.
  • Available with 240V or 110V. 240V is standard. Please ask to switch to 110V.
  • UK plug as standard, please ask if you would like to switch to EU plug
  • Rubber support foot makes it easy to transport


  • weight: 10kg
  • 450Watts
  • available with 240V or 110V
  • 7amps start-up current

Handpiece and motor not included.

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