Lister Nova Sheep Shear

Lister Nova Sheep Shear

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Part Number:  NUF-ACXXXBrand:  Lister

Lister Nova Sheep Shear

This is a powerful double insulated sheep shear designed for the farmer.  It has a 1.8 meter flexible drive and has the standard Lister rope-pull on/off switch.  It can be run from the mains or from a generator due to its low ampage starting current. There is also a 12 volt version that can be run from a 12 volt car battery or leisure battery.  This shear is safe to use, due to the low starting current, and light to hang - making it a great choice for those who are newer to shearing and those looking for a reliable and easy to use machine.

The Nova only has one speed (unlike the Nexus which has 2 speeds) and is not available with a solid drive. 


  • Low starting current - great for safety
  • Double insulated for safety
  • Available with or without electric current sensor (which protects the user in the event of a lock-up with the handpiece by automatically stopping the machine if it hits something in the wool)
  • Light but tough casing - easy to hang
  • Mains or 12 volt options (look at drop down menu)
  • 1 year warranty
  • Made in the UK

This comes as either a 12 volt shear, or a mains shear.  You can opt to include the Outback Handpiece, which includes 1 comb and cutter.  It comes with a Flexible Drive with a Pin or an Spline fitting.  See the drop down menu for all the pricing.  If you have any questions, please email  We are happy to help!

We Say:  This is a great shearing machine. If you are limited by budget and can't stretch to the Nexus, this is a great option.  It makes shearing easy, and most don't require the different speed options.


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