Liveryman Black Beauty Mains Horse Clipper

Liveryman Black Beauty Mains Horse Clipper

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Black Beauty Horse Clipper

240v Mains


Setting a new standard in horse clippers.
The Black beauty horse clipper is fitted with a brushless motor to give exceptionally efficient power. Variable cutting speed, adjustable on the fly going from a quiet 1500 rpm up to a very speedy 2700 rpm.  UK designed multi vented cutting head to give cool running temperatures.

The clipper uses the popular Liveryman A2 blades. In use the Black Beauty is easy to handle and because of the motor power there is no need to run it at full speed all the time. 

  • Voltage : 15 volts DC
  • Variable speed 1500- 2700 rpm
  • Brushless Motor - 10,000 hour life
  • Blade A2 medium
  • Length 27cm
  • Hand grip width 27cm
  • Weight of clipper 830g
  • Two year warranty

What do you get :
Hard Case
mains adapter
Black Beauty clipper fitted with a A2 medium blade



What is so different about a brushless motor?

A brushless motor has substantially less wearing parts. It is also more efficient in its use of power and produces more torque. In day to day use this translates to a clipper that has more power for less weight and a motor that will last longer.

Can this be turned in to a cordless clipper?

Yes the clipper and charger are the same, just purchase a battery pack and you have a cordless clipper.


We Say:  We love the way this clipper feels when we clip.  The two speeds make it great for training nervous horses (the low speed is quieter with less vibrations).  You can add a battery down the line, if you decide you want to go cordless.  

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