NEW - Heiniger Saphir Horse Clipper -  with FREE EXTRA BLADE - ideal for those new to clipping

NEW - Heiniger Saphir Horse Clipper - with FREE EXTRA BLADE - ideal for those new to clipping

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NEW Heiniger Saphir Horse Clipper - great for nervous horses

with FREE Extra Blade - WOW!


Plus, enter a great competition for you and 2 friends to spend the day on Tyler Bradshaw's Yard (team GBR dressage rider and coach). 
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This is a fantastic clipper for anyone new to clipping, those who dislike tensioning blades, for nervous horses, small hands and for those with between 1 and 3 horses.  Here's why...


The Saphir Horse is a powerful but small clipper.  It is very quiet, with low vibrations and snap on blades that you don't need to tension.  The Heiniger Saphir clippers have long been a favourite with vets and professionals because they are very powerful for their size and they are built to last.  They are made in Switzerland and come with a 2 year guarantee.  The Saphir Horse comes with a wide, fine blade which is great for those wishing to do a full clip.  It can cope with all hair types.  The Saphir Horse takes the full range of readily available A5 snap on blades and is great for those who also wish to clip their dogs!

The Saphir Horse will run for 120 minutes on a full charge.  It comes with:


  • 1 Saphir Horse clipper
  • 1 Wide Fine blade
  • 2 rechargeable batteries
  • 1 charging station
  • Sturdy case
  • 2 year warranty

PLUS, an exclusive offer with FarmCare - a FREE 2nd wide blade, worth £40.  This is only while stock lasts.

A second blade is very important because it allows you to keep going should your first blade hit something sharp (like a bit of grit) mid clip.


It is a good idea to also add a narrow blade, so you can clip the whole horse with just one machine.  Plus, this clipper is fantastic for dogs (the Saphir is a favourite with vets and dog groomers), and has a huge variety of blades suitable for your dog.


The Saphir Horse is incredibly easy to use.  It's light, ergonomically designed and both horses and those doing the clipping benefit from the Saphir's smooth strokes and ability to easily get around tricky parts without any tensioning issues. 

We say:  This would be my choice of clipper if I had a nervous horse, or if I was new to clipping or had weak hands.  It's really well made and cannot be compared to other clippers of it's size.  For any person or horse who is nervous about clipping - this is the choice for you!  It's also good for people who want one machine to use for both horses and dogs!


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