ON SALE - Liveryman Classic Trimmer - save £10

ON SALE - Liveryman Classic Trimmer - save £10

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Price:  £79.99 Was:  £89.99(£66.66 Exc. VAT)
Part Number:  112053Brand:  Liveryman



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Liveryman Classic Trimmer

Exceptionally quiet trimmer with a powerful motor.
Comes with one set of blades.

¥Ergonomically designed for clipping around the head, ears and other sensitive areas
¥5500RPM motor
¥Adjustable blade cutting height
¥Lithium Polymer Battery; provides approx 3.5 hours clipping time from a 2.5 hour charge.
¥Rechargeable or mains operation
¥Supplied in carry case with four comb attachments (3, 6, 9 & 12mm)

We say : This trimmer sets a new bench mark, very quiet, nice to hold and loads of power. If you need a good quality trimmer to finish off all the awkward bits look no further, the liveryman classic is the one to have.

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