Strip Grazing Battery Electric Fence Kit - 3ft - for horses and ponies

Strip Grazing Battery Electric Fence Kit - 3ft - for horses and ponies

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HotLine Shrike Strip Grazing Kit


This kit is ideal for small strip grazing set ups. It is the least expensive and easiest electric fence kit.  The Hotline Shrike simply hangs from the fence. It runs from 2 x D-Cell batteries (the batteries are the only thing not included in the kit - but they are readily available in supermarkets). The batteries will power the fence for approximately 8 weeks, 24 hours a day. The Shrike energiser is made here in the UK, by Hotline and comes with a 3 year warranty.

The kit includes:

  • Shrike energiser
  • 50cm earth stake
  • 20 x 3 ft posts (available in white or green)
  • 200m roll of 20mm electric fence tape (available in white or green)
  • 4 x ring insulators
  • 1 x gate handle
  • 1 x warning sign

Push the plastic posts into the ground. Run the tape through the loops on the plastic posts. Hang your energiser on the fence and attach it to an earth stake. Ring insulators are included should you wish to finish the fence off by attaching the tape to a tree or wooden fence. It's that simple!


There is also an option to add a Shrike Solar Panel, that attaches to the energiser and runs the energiser during daylight.  The D-cell batteries kick-in when it gets dark.

You are able to add tape and posts, if required.  If you would like to slightly alter the kit please email and we are always happy to help


If you are new to electric fencing, you may also wish to add:

- an electric fence tester

- tape-to-tape connectors (to make both lines of your fence live)

- tape connectors (please do not tie knots in your electric fence tape as it will reduce the power on your fence)


Watch our very short video about the Shrike to learn more


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