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Hotline Deluxe Poultry 50 Metre Net, Gate & Energiser Kit Deal

Hotline Deluxe Poultry 50 Metre Net, Gate & Energiser Kit Deal

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Deluxe 50m Poultry kit with Hot Gate and Fence Tester


This kit is fantastic value and comes with everything you need for your electric poultry fence.  Electric fences are safe for animals and children.  The idea of the fence is to keep birds safe while allowing them to roam, and to keep the fox away.  Nets can be easily moved and are very easy to put up once you get the hang of it!  You can easily add nets or cut nets down, should you need to.  And, you don't need to keep the electric on.  Obviously, the electricity adds to the protection of your poultry, but if you want to turn it off while the kids are playing outside that's easy to do.

The Hot Gate is a really useful feature.  If you keep poultry, you'll know how much you are in and out throughout the day - this gate makes it that much easier!

The energiser that is included in the kit can from from your mains electricity (just add lead out wire), or from a 12 volt leisure battery (not included).

  • 1 x 50 metre electric net in green
  • 1 x Gemini 120 energiser
  • 1 x Hot Gate, for easy access into enclosure
  • 1 x fence tester
  • 4 x double spike corner posts for extra strength
  • Ground skewers, pegs and corner guys & warning sign

This kit is made here, in the UK.  The energiser comes with a 3 year warranty and is capable of powering up to 4 nets, should you wish to add more netting down the line.  The Hot Gate makes for easy entry into the enclosure and the corner posts allow you to add strength to your netting at key points.  The net can be configured in any formation (even in a straight line).  A fence tester is also included in the test, allowing you to check the voltage on your fence.

The Gemini 120 energiser runs from either the Mains or from a 12 volt leisure battery.  If you are running the energiser from the mains, you may wish to add High Voltage Lead Out Wire to carry the electricity from the energiser to the fence. This comes in reels of 25m, 50m and 100m.  If you are running the energiser from a 12 volt leisure battery, you may wish to add a solar panel which will charge the battery for you, saving you the time and effort of recharging your battery from the Mains.


If you want an easier life, have you considered an automatic chicken coop door opener and closer?  Have a look at Chicken Guard - if you like the odd lie-in or holiday, this is worth every penny!



Hot Gate - for easy access

Poultry Net Configuration - these nets are made in the UK and are of excellent quality

Gemini 120 - 3 year warranty - runs from mains or 12 volt battery - made in the UK

Kit includes warning sign, fence tester, 4 double spike corner posts, stand for energiser, guy ropes and repair kit


More Information on the Gemini 120 Energiser:

This energiser is made by Hotline, right here in the UK. It can run from the mains or from a 12 volt battery, and comes with the mains adapter and the cables to connect to the battery.  The Gemini 120 has a 3 year warranty.  The energiser is very easy to use and can be mounted on a wall or a post. It is designed to be out in all weather, but must be housed indoors if connected to the mains.  It has a light that flashes to let you know that it is working, and a light that flashes if the battery is low.

The Gemini 120 is very powerful and can power a multi-wire fence of up to 18km under perfect conditions and has 1.2 output joules. It is ideal for large paddocks, goats, sheep and pigs. It can power up to 4 poultry nets.

The Gemini is very easy to install.  Simply mount it on the free stand and mini earth stake, or it can be mounted to a wall or a post.  All connection cables are included - but if you are using it as a mains energiser you will likely need some lead out cable to run from the energiser to your fence.  Please note, the stand can act as a mini earth. However, for larger fences we recommend adding a 50cm or 1 metre earth stake. 


What we think: We love Hotline for its quality and because the company stands behind its products. The Gemini 120 is a great, flexible unit that is suitable for most animals and set-ups and a very good price for the power you get.


If you are running your energiser from a 12 Volt battery, why not add a solar panel to charge your battery?  It's reliable, easy to use and good for the environment...and no more charging heavy 12 volt batteries!  Only £32.99!


Consider adding a Chicken Guard - to open and shut your chicken coop door every morning.  Let you hens get as much light as possible, without having to get out of bed yourself.  We have one of these, and wouldn't be without!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to give us a call.  We are always happy to help.


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