Hotline Roc Energiser - very high powered - 7 - 25 Joules

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NEW Hotline Roc High Powered Energiser


New in 2023 this is Hotline's best time-delay high-power energiser.  This is a 12 volt energiser and it is ideal for larger fences and challenging animals.  The time delay is essential for all energisers over 7 joules, to protect the animal from the fence should they get trapped.

  • 5 year warranty
  • Made in the UK
  • Time-delay safety feature


This energiser requires at least 1 x 1 metre earth stake.  An electric fence warning sign is also a good idea.


Add a solar panel to your 12 volt battery to make your life easier!  This will charge up the battery for the majority of the year.  A few extra tops ups from the mains may be required during the darker months.


We Say:  This energiser is fantastic value for the money.  If you need a powerful energiser, that is reliable and powerful, you can't go wrong.  And Holtine offers a 5 year warranty and has all the parts in their factory in Devon so repairs are easy and quick.


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