Rabbit Netting

Rabbit Netting

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Electric Fence Rabbit Netting

Yellow and Black option
* 50 meters long
* 50 cm high
* Reinforced top and bottom strands
* Bonded knots for extra strength
* 15 posts

* The first post has a yellow cap for easy identification

* Yellow horizontal lines and black vertical lines (making it easy for tractors to see)
* Contains 9 electroplastic twines, 8 of which are electrificable.


Green option

* 50 meters long

* 75 cm high

* 11 electroplastic twines, 10 of which are electrificable

* Reinforced non-conductive bottom strand

* Green posts and wires - ideal for bowling greens on gardens.


The rabbit net is ideal for crop protection, cereals in agriculture or for the protection of any high value crop that is vulnerable to rabbit damage.  We have even had customer use rabbit netting to protect cricket pitches and bowling greens!

Rabbit netting is very easy to put up - taking about 20 minutes once you have the hang of it.  You can join multiple nets together if you have a large space.

If you have any questions about rabbit netting, please give us a call: 01323 406212

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