SHOCK White 40mm Wide Electric Fence Tape

SHOCK White 40mm Wide Electric Fence Tape

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Where greater visibility is required.

Ideal for strip grazing and for temporary fencing.

40mm electric fencing tape is very popular with horse owners because it provides a very clear physical barrier to the horse.

It is very effective for striping up larger fields as it provides the largest fence for the horse to see and respect.

Has 8 stainless steel conductors of 0.20mm diameter
80kg break strain
200 meter roll

Maximum recommended length for typical 12v fencers of 4.5Km

Please us tape connectors with your electric fence tape. Knots will damage the tape and impact the effectiveness of your fence.


Note: In windy areas we do not recommend 40mm tape. We have found it can be very "flappy" and in extreme circumstances become damaged.

Watch our short video about the Shock Electric Fence Tape, to help select the right option for you.

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