12v Plus Starter Kit with CP450 - 2 power settings - for challenging animals - standard or tall posts

12v Plus Starter Kit with CP450 - 2 power settings - for challenging animals - standard or tall posts

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Brand:  Fenceman

12v PLUS Electric Fence Starter Kit - for challenging animals


This kit provides a foundation to start your electric fence and is ideal for people with challenging animals.  The CP450 is a high quality  12 Volt rechargeable battery Fenceman energiser, with a 3 year warranty.  The CP450 has a unique back up battery feature, using D-cell batteries to power your energiser if your 12 volt energiser runs flat and when it is charging.  The CP (Constant Power) 450 also has a high and low power setting, so you can use the high power to train your animals, and then change it to low power to preserve your battery life.  Plus, add a solar panel to your battery (£39.99) and you don't need to worry about lugging your heavy battery into charge.

The basic kit provides you with enough tape and posts to create a 100 meter double stranded fence - with a choice of 20mm or 40mm tape, in white of green. The size of your fence is easily increased with the addition of more posts and tape - you can select the extra tape from the drop down menu.

Comes with:

1x CP450 Fenceman Energiser

  • Input power 6v / 12v
  • Internal back up batteries ( 4 x D Cells )
  • Switchable high power - low power output.
  • Built in earth stake and handle.
  • 3yr warranty

The CP450 energiser is a flexible general purpose electric fencing energiser . The addition of a back up battery system built in to the energiser means the unit can run without a 12v battery.  The back up D-cell batteries are easily changed via a cassette type of system.  Good quality D cell batteries will the unit for 3-4 weeks with the out put set to low power.  In use this means you can have a rechargeable 12v battery powering the fence. Every 3-4 weeks this must be recharged, but as soon as you take the 12v battery away the back up system takes over so the fence is never off (unless you chose to switch it off ).  The CP450 energiser is very easy to use with a clear "on light", power level light and battery low light.

A 12v battery will power up to 3 KM standard horse fence / 1 x 50m poultry net

Comes with a single roll of 20mm white or green tape - 200 meters long - made in the UK, with good quality plastic and steel (not the cheap imports) and 4 x 0.2mm stainless steel conductors. 

  • Twin pack 2 rolls of 20mm white or green tape 200 meters ( 400 meters total )
  • 40mm tape 200 meters of 40mm white or green tape (wider tape has more electrical conductors and gives your animals more of a shock) - 8 conductors. Zap!

Comes with 20 white or green poly posts 104cm (3ft) or Tall (4ft) posts
To add extra posts, select them from the 'add on' menu when you check-out.

Along with the energiser, tape and posts, the kit also comes with

1 x gate handle
4 x ring insulators, these are for finishing off the fence to a tree or fence post

1 x earth stake
1 x warning sign

The Green Option :
If you select Kit Color GREEN we will change the posts to GREEN and also change the tape ( 20mm or 40mm ) to GREEN all the rest of the Kit will remain the same.  


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If you do not see what you require here please contact us and we can put together a kit to suit you.  We are always happy to help.

Guide To Fence Heights For Different Animals

CP450 In Use - this energiser is very user friendly!

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