12v Sheep Net Kit

12v Sheep Net Kit

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Electric Fencing Sheep Net Kit


This kit is designed as a starter kit to create either a 50 meter or 100 meter portable sheep proof fence. If you think you will need more that the 100 meters of electric fencing we would suggest you upgrade to a Gemini 80 energiser. Sheep (when in full fleece) are very well insulated and more power can be required to ensure the sheep respect the fence.

In the Kit

  • Flexinet Sheep Net  50m long.  Made in Germany.
  • Powerful Dual Power Gemini 40 Energiser.  Made in the UK.  3 year warranty.
  • Galvanised Earth Stake 0.5m stand
  • Net repair kit + Instructions

This kit is also available as a 100m kit ( 2x 50m nets ).  Please select the kit you need above.


Livestock semi rigid net, 50 meters

* 50 meters long
* 90cm high
* Reinforced top and bottom strands
* Bonded knots for extra strength
* 14 posts
* The first post has a yellow cap for easy identification

Contains 8 electro-plastic twines, 7 of which are electrifiable.

This netting incorporates a semi-rigid plastc vertical strut every 30cm instead of plain poly wire. This helps to keep the net's shape over more contoured ground.

Properly electrified, nothing is more efficient in temporary and semi-permanent strip or paddock grazing of sheep and lambs. Flocks are also protected within electric netting - from foxes or dogs - more securely than any other form of lightweight electric fencing.
Reinforced top twine.

Dual Power AN8 energiser 

  • 12v battery or mains adapter
  • 0.45 Joules output power (0.8 stored)
  • Rain Proof
  •  Earth stake included
  • 2 year warranty 


 Want to make this kit solar powered? Add a solar panel to charge the battery here

Please note this kit does not come with a 12v battery.  These are available separately here   12v Battery 

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