Badger Electric Fence Kit - Wire
 Badger Electric Fence Kit - WireBadger Electric Fence Kit - Wire 

Badger Electric Fence Kit - Wire

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Electric Fence Kit for Badgers

We all know the devastation a badger can cause in a garden, causing hours or work and costing hundreds of pounds in damage.  An electric fence is a good way to put off a 'casual' badger and is very easy to install, easy to move and safe.  If you have a very motivated badger, you may also need to dig wire mesh into the ground to prevent the badger from digging.

This kit includes a Gemini 40 energiser, that can be run from the mains or from a 12 volt battery.  The posts have a spike that pushes into the ground.  This kit allows you to set up a 200 metre electric fence. It does not include a 12 volt battery. 

This Kit Includes:

  • Gemini 40 Energiser. Made in the UK. 3 year warranty
  • Energiser stand and mini earth stake
  • 800 metres stranded steel wire
  • 20 x 3 ft electric fence posts in green
  • Electric Fence Warning Sign

The wire should be placed at 10cm, 20cm, 30cm and 40cm off the ground. 

More Information on the Gemini Energiser:

This energiser is a real gem.  Made here in the UK, it can work from either a 12 volt leisure battery OR from the mains. This gives you flexibility to move your fence around, should you need to.  It can power up to 8km under perfect conditions, and up to 4km with medium vegetation.  It is ideal for paddocks, strip grazing and poultry nets.

It comes with a 3 year warranty.

The energiser will run off a 12 volt battery for approximately 5 weeks, and it has a low battery and electric fence pulse indicator.  It is good for all electric fence rope, tape, wire  and twine.

The Gemini HLC 40 comes with earth, fence and battery leads and 12v mains adaptor; it can be mounted on either a wall or wooden post, or the stand included with the energiser.  The stand will work as an earth stake for most small to medium fences.  For larger fences, you may need to add a 50cm earth stake.


Please note: badgers can be very difficult to fence.  This kit will give your badger a good shock, but if they are very motivated to get in this may not prevent them from digging under the fence.  Ideally, wire mesh should be dug 60cm into the ground, with a metal shelf facing outwards to prevent the badger from digging.  


You may also wish to add:

  • lead out wire, to run from the mains to your energiser, if you plan to run this from the mains
  • a 12 volt leisure battery, if you plan to run this from a battery
  • a fence tester, for trouble shooting
  • extra wire or posts, if you need a larger fence



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