Farming A5000 Energiser - for fences up to 50km

Farming A5000 Energiser - for fences up to 50km

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Farming A5000 for fences up to 50km - 5 Joules

This energiser is a real bargain.  It runs from a 12 volt battery and can run a fence of up to 100km under perfect conditions, although the realistic length is 50km - still impressive!  It also works well for people with shorter fences, but higher vegetation challenges.  It is made to be outside in all weather, and has handy hooks on each side to hang it up or attach it to a fence.  It comes with a 2 year warranty.


Here are the technical details:

Stored energy:  5 joules

Output energy: 3 joules

Max voltage:  1,000v

Volts at 5000hm: 6,000v

Max fence: 100km

Realistic fence: 50km or under

Nets: up to 16

Power Consumption:  33mA


We say: If you have a large fence, this is by far one of the best value energisers on the market.  It may not have bells and whistles, but it works!

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