Live Line White 40mm Wide Electric Fence Tape

Live Line White 40mm Wide Electric Fence Tape

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Live Line Superior 40mm electric fence tape is made in the UK and is of excellent quality in both material and design (not like the cheap imports that have flooded the market recently, with weak plastic and steel).  It has an extra thick reinforcing strand at the top and bottom of the tape.  This helps to keep the tape straight and neat plus it significantly increases the strength of the tape.  The centre of the Live Line  40mm tape is a more open weave which helps to cut down on "sail effect" and the problems that high winds can cause to 40mm tapes.  Live Line electric fencing tape is UV stabilized and carries a 3 year manufacturer's warranty.

  • 200 metre roll of 40mm wide tape
  • 12 conductors of stainless steel 4 x 0.3mm 8 x 0.2mm
  • 100Kg break strain
  • Reinforced top and bottom strand, for extra strength
  • Open weave centre, to allow air to travel through and prevent 'sail effect' in high winds
  • Made in the UK, with good quality plastic and steel
  • 3 Year anti-UV warranty

40mm electric fencing tape is very popular with horse owners because it provides a very clear physical barrier to the horse and the number of steel conductors allows it to carry a very good current and shock.

It is very effective for striping up larger field as it provides the largest fence for the horse to see and respect.

Please do not tie knots in your tape because they can prevent the current from travelling around your fence.  Please use conductive tape connectors!

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