Super Solar Starter Kit - Standard or Tall Posts

Super Solar Starter Kit - Standard or Tall Posts

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Super Solar Starter Kit
Standard or Tall Posts
White or Green Kit

The starter kit that has the extra power and can be recharged from the sun!

This both ensures that the horses respect the fence and you have plenty of extra power to make the length of the fence as required.

What comes in the kit ?

10w 12v Mono Crystalline Silicon SOLAR Panel
In the UK solar is a 3 season solution it cannot be expected to deliver adequate power during the winter months.. It will still be necessary to monitor the charge in the battery ( look for the battery warning light ) and top up from a mains source if required

This panel uses THIN FILM technology that allows the panel to absorb a wider spectrum of natural light. This allows the panel to provide power even with cloudy sky's.

Features :
Size: 350mm x 280mm x 25mm
Supplied with factory fitted aluminium frame
Supplied with approx 2ft cables and crocodile clips, easily extended
Multiple pieces can be connected to acquire higher power
Ideal to charge 12 Volt batteries of all types
Supplied with blocking diode to prevent reverse charging
Completely weather-proof, ideal for outside and inside use

Dual Power AN8 Energiser and earth stake

This Energiser gives you the best of both worlds, it can be clipped onto a 12v battery or plugged into the mains power with the adaptor supplied. 

12 /240 volt
Powerful 0.8 Joules (stored)
Well suited to longer fences
Can power up to two poultry nets
The AN8 is fully rain proof and is designed to live out side in the English weather.
Comes with a 0.5 meter galvanized earth stake

20 x 3 ft posts or 4ft posts (White or Green)
Add extra posts from the drop down menu, as required.

200 meters or 400 metres of 20mm Shock electric fencing tape OR 200 metres of 40mm Shock electric tape

White or Green

All made in the UK with good quality plastic and 0.2mm stainless steel conductors.  The 20mm tape has 4 conductors and the 40mm tape has 8 conductors.

Gate handle
So you can get to your horse

Electric fence warning sign

4 Ring insulators
So you can start and end the fence against a tree or wooden fence

What else do I need ?
All you require is a 12v car / leisure battery to power the energiser of 75 Ah or higher (can be added from drop down menu).
The solar panel is clipped to the energiser and recharges it. You still need the battery so the fence can run at night or on very over cast days.

You may also wish to add:

  • Fence tester, so you can trouble shoot (only £12.99 and worth the extra)
  • Line-to line or tape to tape connectors - to make it easier to make both lines of fence live
  • Extra tape or posts for a longer fence
  • Tape or Rope connectors for when you have a break in the fence - please don't tie knots because it can impact the performance of the fence.  It's a good idea to have some of these connectors ready for when a break happens.  They cost pennies and it is annoying when they aren't there when you need them!


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