Shock Green 20mm Electric Fence Tape Twin Pack Deal

Shock Green 20mm Electric Fence Tape Twin Pack Deal

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Super Value Shock 20mm Green Electric Fence Tape - 2 rolls of 200m (400m in total)

Made in the UK, Shock tape has good quality plastic and 4 x 0.2mm stainless steel conductors.  This tape is ideal for strip grazing larger paddocks.  Recently there have been many cheap import tapes in the market with weak plastic and steel and there is a distinct difference in quality.

  • 200 metre roll of 20mm tape
  • 4 x strands of 0.2mm stainless steel
  • Good quality heavy plastic
  • Made in the UK

Why Green Tape?

Where ordinary white tape is very visible it can also spoil the view (or upset neighbors). Green electric fencing tape is a lot less conspicuous.  Current thinking is that horses are color blind and in fact see more by contrast so green electric fencing tape may be more obvious to them than it is to us!

Why use green fencing (Article)

Please do not tie knots in your electric fence tape as this will not allow the current to flow around the fence properly. Please use conductive tape connectors.

Watch our very short video to find out more about the Shock Electric Fence tape

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