Why use green electric fencing tape

2 April 2017  |  Admin

Why use green electric fencing

Comparison of green and white electric fencing


The colour of the electric fencing that you choose does not alter the performance of the fence. You may choose green electric fencing tape over white electric fencing tape if your able to view it from your house, or other people over look your fields. Current research suggests that horses can see more effectively in the blue – green part of the colour spectrum and in fact the green fencing tape might be more visible or certainly as visible as the white tape. Horses generally become very aware of their boundaries quite quickly. The purpose of electric fencing is that it is a psychological deterrent, they are respectful of the  shock that they get from the electric fence rather than the physical fence its self.

In 2011 the New Forest National Park Authority set out draft guide lines to encourage the use of green or brown electric fencing tape so to reduce the visual impact on the landscape.

Compare the two views …. The two picture where taken from the same point in the field

Field with standard White 20mm tape :

Field with standard Green 20mm tape :

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