2021 Heiniger Progress Horse Clipper - with a FREE Swiss Army Knife

20 February 2021  |  Admin

The Heiniger Progress Horse Clipper - for beginners and those with between 1 and 3 horses

Now with a FREE Swiss Army Knife (the real thing - and always a nice surprise bonus!)

The Heiniger Progress Horse Clipper is a great starter horse clipper, and one of the best value horse clippers on the market.  It is very similar to the Lister Star horse clipper, which is currently unavailable in the UK until about May or June 2021.  At £229.99 it's the cheapest of the 'full size' good quality clippers currently available.  And it is DEFINITELY worth stocking with good clipper brands, like Heiniger, Lister and Liveryman.  There are some poor quality imported clippers in the market, which can end up costing you a lot of money!   What's more, as a little bonus, you currently get a FREE Swiss Army Pocketknife - to celebrate the Swiss side of things - who doesn't like a Swiss Army Knife?!


What's so great about the Heiniger Progress?  Well, is it light and ergonomically designed, with a 'slim grip' of 15.5cm around where you hold it.  It only weights just under 1 kg.  This makes it comfortable for those with small or weak hands to use.  It is made in Switzerland, by a top brand and comes with a 2 year warranty.  It takes all the quality but well priced Heiniger blades (although it doesn't have a 5mm blade, if this is important to you).  Heiniger blades are usually several pounds less expensive than Lister blades.

The Heiniger Progress uses a modern 80 watt permanent magnet motor.  This means it is the quietest of the full size clippers (along with the Lister Star), but has enough power for most horses.  If your horse has a really tough coat, you mat be better suited to the Liberty Lithium or the Heiniger Xplorer - although both cost more.  The Progress also has very low vibrations - and it is often the vibrations that really bother horses, especially around their lower legs.  The permanent magnet motor means there are less moving parts, which creates less friction, heat and wear.  It also allows the clipper to speed up when it is under strain to cope with the increased workload. The oversized tension control gives ease of use and accurate tensioning.

Technical Specs:

Weight: 950g 
Length: 280mm
Grip Diameter: 47mm  (16.5 cm circumference)
Blade Speed: 2250
Voltage: 240v
Wattage: 80 Watt permanent magnet motor (increased from 65 Watt in old model) - powerful enough for most jobs

Cable Length:  5m

Noise Level:  73dB

Warranty:  2 years

Comes with:  1 set of medium blades, which clip to approx. 2.4mm.  We are happy to switch these blades, if requested.


For more details, or to purchase a Heiniger Progress Horse Clipper, click here:  https://www.farmcareuk.com/heiniger-progress-horse-with-free-swiss-army-knife.html


Please note, you have a choice of the Heiniger Progress, of the Heiniger Progress Style.  They are the identical clipper - with a different casing the only thing to separate them.  The Progress Style is usually more expensive, and is only worth the extra if you particularly like the design!


If you have any questions, we are happy to help.  Please email sales@farmcareuk.com


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