2021 The Best Horse Trimmers and Offers

28 July 2021  |  Admin

2021 - The Best Horse Trimmers and Offers


There has been quite a lot of change in the line-up of horse trimmers available this year.  There are also likely to be some supply issues.  However, you will see that the best trimmers have risen to the top.  You can't go wrong with the Heinger Saphir or Heiniger Opal trimmers.  They are quiet, powerful and very reliable.  If budget is an issue, you can also get some great mid-range trimmers, like the Liveryman Classic, the Wahl Adore and the Sierra.  These mid range options are still very quiet, with low vibrations - they just have slightly less power.  


There are some terrible trimmers on the market - we haven't mentioned the bad ones - we've just highlighted the good!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email sales@farmcareuk.com and tell us about your needs.  We can then provide advice!


Powerful Trimmers - for professionals and those looking for top quality:

Heiniger Saphir - the range of Saphir trimmers!  These have long been the gold standard of trimmers, used by vets and professionals.  They all have the same body, but come with a range of blades - and either cordless, or one corded option.  The trimmer is very powerful, but has low vibrations and low noise, so it's great for nervous animals.  You can use a wide blade for clipping a whole animal (the Heiniger Horse comes with a wide blade) or a narrow blade for trimming smaller areas and other animals (they are very popular for dogs).  

Heiniger Saphir Horse (with a wide blade)

Heiniger Saphir Cordless 

Heiniger Saphir Style (same as the Cordless but with a different design - not really worth the extra, unless you're fashion aware!)

Heiniger Saphir Corded (mains version - really great value if you don't need a cordless option)

Heiniger Saphir Vet (just a different blade that clips very close, for surgery)


Heiniger Opal:  This is the latest trimmer from heiniger.  It's really expensive, but great quality and ideal for professionals or for those who have many animals to trim.  There were originally a few problems with the first batch released, but these have now been resolved and the trimmer is getting rave reviews.  We are expecting supply issues (due to demand and Covid delays in production).


Liveryman Bruno:  This is a powerful trimmer that runs from the same battery as the Black Beauty.  It can take a narrow or wide blade and is very popular.


Mid Range Trimmers:


Wahl Adore:  Made by Lister's parent company, Wahl, this is a reliable easy to use trimmer.  It is cordless.

Liveryman Classic:  Another popular, reliable and easy to use trimmer with a convenient adjustable blade.  It is cordless.

Sierra:  This trimmer is amazing value.  It's really quiet and easy to use, with an adjustable blade.  You can't beat this for value and is a real favourite!


Tiny Trimmers:

Liveryman Flare: A nice bit of kit for quick touch ups or very sensitive areas.  Not a full size trimmer.

Lister Pico: A nice bit of kit for quick touch ups or very sensitive areas.  Not a full size trimmer.


Some great options!  If I had the budget, I'd opt for the Heiniger Opal.  If budget were a concern, the Sierra is a great option and will trim beautifully.


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