Best Horse Clipper Offers 2021 - deals, sales and reviews

9 September 2021  |  Admin

Best Horse Clipper Offers 2021 - deals, sales and reviews

2021 Best Horse Clippers 


So, you're looking for a new horse clipper?  There are some great deals out there, and some really crumby brands that are just a waste of your money (think heavy, loud, unreliable clippers that are made cheaply overseas...).  

The brands that have consistently invested in good quality clippers, with all the latest technology and ergonomic design include Lister Shearing (who hold the Royal Warrant and still make all their clippers her in the UK).  Heiniger (who make their clippers in Switzerland and have some of the quietest clippers on the market) and Liveryman.  Year after year, the best offer is Lister Shearing's Lister Star, which is by far the best selling horse clipper in the country.  However, it is only a good choice if you are looking for a light to medium duty mains clipper (think of clipping 'normal' coats for between 1 and 3 horses).  


Best 'starter' clipper: For anyone with a limited budget, with between 1 and 3 horses with a 'regular' coat (no really tough feathers etc).


Lister Star - get a free second set of blades, a free kit bag, a free bobble hate, a free towel, a free 250ml oil and a free Pico trimmer


Best Cordless clipper:

Heiniger Xplorer: This is so quiet and the battery is actually in the handle of the clipper.  It's really lovely to use.

Lister Liberty:  the battery sits on the belt and you have the option to have a mains cord too.  This clipper takes the VERY popular Covercote blade that clips to 5mm and is not available with any other brand.  

Liveryman Black Beauty: comfortable to use and comes with a mains lead and the battery (which sits on your belt).  The Liveryman Bruno trimmer can run from the same battery.


Best Heavy Duty Clipper:

Lister Fusion.

Heiniger Xperience.  


Best all-in-one clipper:  These 'all-in-one' clippers are perfect for anyone with just one horse with 'normal' hair, who wants a clipper and trimmer all in one.  Put a wide blade on and you can clip the whole horse.  Put a narrow blade on and you can get to any awkward areas.   The clipper has very low vibration and low volume, so it is ideal for a nervous horse.  And, the blades are pre-tensioned so you don't need to faff about getting the correct tension.  If I had just one horse, this is what i would go for.

Heiniger Saphir Horse

Liveryman Bruno



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