Horse clipper for the whole year - the Harmony PLus

3 April 2017  |  Admin

Horse clipper for the whole year – The Harmony Plus

Harmony Plus

Harmony Plus mains.

Looking for a top trimmer for the summer, which can work as a full horse clipper in the winter? If so, the Harmony Plus might be a good option for you.  It comes with a #10 narrow blade for a summer trim, but you can add a wide blade in the winter so you can do a full clip.   It can use blades from Andis , Oster and Wahl ( a5 type) so there is an enormous range of different blades available. The Harmony Plus mains has a built in hour and a half battery, which is great if you have a nervous animal that doesn’t like wires dangling from the clipper.  The Harmony Plus can also runs off a mains lead and you have the option of adding a battery pack that carries a 4 hour charge. The Harmony Plus has a high efficiency brushless motor with 10,000 hour lifetime, giving more power to the blade and making clipping easy and fast.  You get between 1.5 – 2 hours of operation from a 3 hour charge. The ergonomic design makes it easy to use, even with small hands, for horses, dogs, pets and veterinary use. It uses clip-on blades, so there is no tensioning required. The Liveryman Harmony Plus is the big brother to the older Harmony Clipper.

Harmony Plus Mains:


We say : The Harmony Plus Standard is great value with a built in battery do you need a external battery …. If you have a lighter coated horse you need to clipper occasionally this is a machine that should be considered.

From £195.00

Other horse clippers to compare include:  Lister Star Clipper, Lister Liberty Clipper, Heiniger progress Clipper.  All of these clippers are suitable for people with 1 horse.  If you have more than 1 horse, we do not recommend the Harmony Plus as your main clipper.

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