Electric Fencing Gate Handles

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Electric Fence Gate Handles


Guide to install electric fence gate handles

Electric Fence Gate Handles

An electric fence gate handle allows you to enter an electric fence without getting a shock.  The gate can carry electricity, so the animals will still get a shock if they touch it, but you can easily enter and exit the fence without any danger of a nasty zap.

You need one gate handle and one gate handle insulator for every strand of tape, rope or twine on your electric fence.  The electric fence Gate Handles have electricity-conducting metal bars running through the centre, and insulated plastic covers.  The Gate Handle Insulators (GHI) have 2 little hooks on either side, and a screw to go into the post.

Directions to Install Electric Fence Gate Handles

1) Erect your electric fence, finishing the electric tape/rope/twine at either side of the gate posts.  It is best if the hinge side of your gate is attached to the gate that is furthest away from your energiser – in this way, when you open the gate it is disconnected from the energiser.  This will stop the gate from shocking you and prevent problems if you drop the gate handle on the ground.

2) Your gate opening should be bordered on both sides by gate posts.  Put one ‘Gate Handle Insulator’ for each line of electric fencing on both posts.   Measure out a stretch of insulated cable long enough to reach across the gate. Peel back the last 1 to 2 inches of insulation from both ends of the cable. Wrap one end of the bare cable around the bottom strand of fence wire; wrap the second end of the exposed cable around the metal clamp protruding from the Gate Handle Insulator. Repeat this process with additional strips of insulated cable to connect each Gate Handle Insulator to the Gate Handle Insulator (GHI) above it. Do this on both gate posts.

3) Cut a length of electric fencing wire long enough to reach between the two gate posts. Wrap one end of the fencing wire around the metal loop on the bottom GHI on the ‘hinge’ side of the gate. Wrap the other end of the fencing wire around the metal hook at the back of the plastic gate handle. Pull the wire taut and hook the front clasp on the insulated gate handle to the metal loop on the bottom GHI mounted on the second gate post; this creates the bottom wire of your electric fence gate. Do the same thing for each line of electric fencing.

4) Check everything is making solid metal contact and then turn on your energiser.  When you want to open the gate, simply detach the insulated gate handles.

There are also Spring Gate Handles, Elastic Gate Handles, coloured gate handles and a range of other options, but they all operate in a similar fashion.  The FarmCare gate handles can be seen on our website.


We help people set up electric fence everyday, so give us a call with any questions. We are based in Sussex, UK, and ship worldwide.

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