Electric Fencing in hot dry conditions

3 April 2017  |  Admin

Electric Fencing in hot dry conditions

Earth Stake 9.25


Earth Stake

Electric fencing is used all over the world – and we are often asked to ship kits to arid destinations – recently to Greece, Bulgaria, Australia – to name a few.

Electric fencing is really quite simple, a;though it can seem intimidating at first.  They key, especially in dry conditions, is to have a good earth stake.  In hot countries, we’ve heard of people having 4 or 5 earth stakes, and of people watering the ground around the earth stakes.  A good earth is critical.

Another trick when fencing animals, is to have one earth, or negative, wire on the fence.  So on a three strand fence you’d have a positive wire on top, the middle strand would be an earth, and the bottom strand would be positive.  Then, when an animal touches the wires, the sweat from it’s body will touch the fence and you’ll get a good zap, even if the arid conditions challenge the traditional earth stake.

Luckily, here in the UK we typically have great conditions for electric fencing.  In very dry weather we do see a spike in people calling about their energisers and some of these issues can be resolved by double checking the earth.

If in doubt, you can always use your fence tester to double check your fence’s output.

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Earth Stake 9.25


Earth Stake


Solid galvanised steel
Complete with Jubilee Clip wire joint connecton
The earth stake ( earth connection ) is a CRITICAL part of the electrc fence.
A poor earth is one of the most common causes of an under performing electric fence line. Rusty steel or corroded copper does not provide an effective earth .

These are required for all mains energisers and large 12v energisers.

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Electric Fence Tester

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