Test your Electric Fence

3 April 2017  |  Admin

Test Your Electric Fence!


An Invaluable Tool for your Electric Fence.

Electric Fence Tester 9.99


Electric Fence Tester

You’ve invested in an electric fence – so now you need to know it’s working!  An electric fencing tester is an inexpensive way to see how well your fence is performing.  If your electric fence has suffered damage it is very important to test the electric fence tape or rope to ensure power is flowing past the damaged area. There is no easy way to do this without a tester. And electric fence testers are easy to use: simply pop the earth stake into the ground, then rest the metal loop that is on the top of the tester on to the electric fence . When the fence pulses a number of “lights” will show in the face of the tester . These lights correspond to the voltage indicated.

No more guessing or hoping your fence is working correctly!

Our Electric Fence Testers:

  • Shows voltage from 1000v to 10,000v
  • Can be used to confirm the energier is functioning correctly
  • This tester is also used to locate breaks or faults in the fence


A typical electric fence requires a minimum of 2000v to be effective.

Size 5cm x 17.5cm

Cable from tester to earth spike 150 cm approx

We Say:A lot more reliable than touching the fence with a blade of grass


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