Batteries for electric fence

3 April 2017  |  Admin

Batteries for electric fencing


The best battery for your energiser

Leisure batteries are the best battery option for energisers.


Leisure batteries are the best battery option for energisers.

Electric fencing can be powered by mains, battery or a solar panel with a battery.  The best option is always mains, as this gives you a continuous powerful supply of energy which will help you get the most out of your energiser.  However, batteries are very commonly used when mains power isn’t practical.  Some small energisers come with D-cell batteries but, when possible, we recommend upgrading to a more powerful battery as this will give you a better output from your energiser.  Many people ask us if they can use a 12 v car battery to charge their electric fencing energiser.  The simple answer is – yes – it will work, but a 12 v leisure battery is far better.  A car battery is designed to give a large jolt of energy initially, and then it goes into a mode that provides less power.  A leisure battery is designed to give a continuous supply of energy and is far better suited to electric fencing; it will last longer and will provide a more reliable supply of power at the correct rate.  You can recharge a leisure battery by simply plugging it into a charger in your wall.  If you ever want to give it an ‘extra’ power boost, a good trick is to take it into your friendly local car garage and get them to charge it up for you overnight.

12 v batteries, in particular, can be quite heavy and, depending on your energiser, will need to be recharged every 2 – 3 weeks. For really powerful energisers they may need to be charged more often than this.  For ease, many people are opting to use solar panels to charge their batteries.  Solar panels will work in the UK for 3 seasons of the year, and in the dark winter months they still work but you’ll also need to give your battery a few extra charges from the mains. Solar panels start at £26.99 and are typically propped up on top of the battery, facing due South.  They are very easy to use and are increasing in popularity every year in the electric fencing market.

If you’ve invested in an electric fence, it is well worth getting the right battery and ensuring it is always well charged. In this way you will feel confident you are getting the most ‘zap’ out of your electric fence and also protecting your energiser.

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12 v rechargable lesiure battery

9 v battery non -rechargeable  (will work for approx 3 months with our B1 energiser)

9 v 150ah battery – non recharable (will work for approx 9 months with our B1  energiser)

12v rechargeable leisure battery 26.99


12v rechargeable leisure battery £26.99

9v 150AH non-rechargeable battery 28.75


9v 150AH non-rechargeable battery £28.75

9v 55AH non-rechargeable battery 13.50


9v 55AH non-rechargeable battery £13.50



12 V SOLAR PANEL – 10 w
For easy charging of batteries

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