Solar Power Electric Fencing

3 April 2017  |  Admin

Solar Power Electric Fencing


Guide to electric fencing with solar power


Now the summer is here, we’ve had many customers asking about using solar power to help run their electric fencing.  It’s a great option, that’s gaining in popularity and it is an affordable way to reduce the labour of charging batteries.

In the UK, standard solar power panels can be relied on for 3 seasons a year.  They use and store the energy of the sun, even on cloudy days, and charge your battery so you don’t have to!  You simply sit your solar panel on top of your battery, or mount them onto a post, and make sure they are facing due south in a sunny spot.  It doesn’t matter if they catch a little shade in the day, but if they are always in the shade, they won’t work.  During the winter months, you can still use your solar panel, but you should be vigilant about checking your battery because it will likely need to be brought in for a few extra charges at this dark time of year.

Standard 10v 12W solar panels are inexpensive. Ours is £26.99.

Of course, there are also more advanced solar options, and this is an area we expect to see grow a lot in the coming years.

Some solar panels are now coming with a battery and energiser all built-in-one, making it the easiest option yet.  In the spring, summer and autumn months, they run all by themselves.  There is no separate battery or solar panel to connect. Just place the all-in-one solar energiser on the ground and push in your earth stake . Connect to the fence and switch on……. It’s that simple!  For the dark winter months, they have a mains adapter which can be used to give your battery a quick top-up when required.

Solar panels are ideal for those looking for ease, for remote locations and for those fed up of charging batteries.

Our ‘all-in-one’ solar energisers are currently on sale and start at £165, so grab a bargain and make the most out of the sun!

12 V 10 W Solar Panel

AS20 ‘all-in-one’ energiser

AS35 ‘all-in-one’ energiser

AS70 ‘all-in-one’ energiser (our most powerful solar energiser)


Please remember to make sure your solar panel is facing due South!

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12 V SOLAR PANEL – 10 w £26.99


Solar AS70
Most Powerful ‘all-in-one’ solar energiser On sale £219.99 (was £255.00)

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