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3 April 2017  |  Admin

Genius Electric Fencing Horse Rug

My Horse does not respect the electric fence once he has a rug on .


Genius Electric Fencing Horse Rug

Ok so which of us has that one horse they can’t keep behind electric fencing for love nor money? If we have not already been able to solve this problem with one of our many energisers or fencing gadgets, then look no further! The guardian fence buster rug is now in store. With a panel down the front, made using specialist technical fabrics that simply pick up the pulse from the fence and carry it through to the inside of the rug so the horse feels the same effect from the fence as they would if not wearing a rug at all. My favourite bit about the rug is you can put layers underneath and still have the same benefit. This is defiantly our favourite new item in this week, and if like me its time to start strip grazing your spring/summer paddocks then this is the answer to keeping them contained.


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