Fox and cat deterrent for your garden

5 April 2017  |  Admin

Do cats leave a mess in your garden or scare your birds or rabbits? Do foxes create havoc, or badgers ruin your grass?

The Night Watchman is a brand new product, originally created for a zoo where local foxes were upsetting the lemurs.  The Night Watchman is a set of lights that are designed to look like a predators eyes in the dark.  The lights are charged up in the day using the built in solar panel.  If placed at a strategic position, the lights frighten predators and make them think that another 'unknown' animal is in their path.  The lights have proven to be very successful.  The foxes stopped going into the lemur enclosure at the zoo.  In our own garden the foxes now leave our rabbits alone and some of our customers have reported success in keeping cats out!

The Night Watchman uses an LED light.


It features:

  • Ultra bright red LEDs that ward off predators
  • Visiblity from up to 800m - 60 degree field of vision
  • Solar panel charges battery during the day
  • Aproximately 12 hours of operation per 5 hours of sunlight
  • LEDs turn on automatically when dusk comes
  • Mount on to animal arks and wooden fences

What you need to do:

  • Mount the Night Watchman on an ark or fence at the eye level of the predator
  • Depress the switch on the rear to 'auto' and then the LEDs will automatically turn on when dusk comes

It's that easy!

Info on Batteries: Over time (approx 1.5 years) the battery will loose capacity resulting in shorter operation time.  5 hours of sunlight will give approximately 12 hours of operation.  Battery is included - 1 x rechargeable Mi-Mh AAA 600Mah battery.

The Night Watchman costs only £14.00 including VAT. We love it!

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